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Lisa Mayo endorses Mr. Hanvelt

Randy Hanvelt is recognized for creating positive solutions for the big issues we face in Tuolumne County – like natural disasters. But just as important are individual issues he has resolved for residents. A few years back my dad was faced with some private property issues, things he shouldn’t have had to worry about or deal with. Randy went to bat for my Dad and his property rights, relieving a very stressful situation. My dad wasn’t even in his district. This is just one example of how Randy Hanvelt takes care of the people of Tuolumne County as well as the big challenges.

Lisa Mayo

Benson Bryant endorses Mr. Hanvelt

I am writing to express my support for Tuolumne County Supervisor Randy Hanvelt.

Randy Hanvelt has demonstrated that he will listen to and work for the betterment of his community – he does not make empty promises. I have followed his voting record in Tuolumne County and believe he has a proven record of considering the best interest of his community.

Randy Hanvelt has shown that he has the ability, desire, and leadership skills to get the job done – whether advocating to representatives in Washington DC or attending and supporting community projects.

I encourage you to re-elect Randy Hanvelt to the District 2 County Supervisor seat.

Benson Bryant


Dick Pland endorses Mr. Hanvelt

I have served alongside Mr. Hanvelt for two years. I can tell you there was no better prepared or thoughtful member on the Board of Supervisors and he is my choice for a 3rd term on the board.

Richard Pland


List of Endorsements:



Dignitary and business endorsements:

Tom McClintock, Congressman

Jeff Denham, Congressman

Tom Berryhill, State Senator

Frank Bigelow, State Assembly Member

Karl D. Rodefer, Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors

Laura Krieg, Tuolumne County District Attorney

Bill Pooley, Tuolumne County Sheriff

James (Jim) Mele, Retired Tuolumne County Sheriff

Kevin Cann, Mariposa County Board of Supervisors

Vito Chiesa, Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors

Kristin Olsen, Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors

Daron McDaniel, Merced County Board of Supervisors

Andreas Borgeas, Fresno County Board of Supervisors

Mike & Vicki Albrecht, Sierra Resource Management, Inc.

Michael Ayala, Retired Sonora CHP Commander

Matt Bloom, Kennedy Meadows

Glenn S. Caldwell Insurance Services, Inc.

CDF Firefighters Local 2881

Robert T. Coane, Former Tuolumne County Sheriff

Larry Crabtree, Fire Chief, Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District

Sasha J. Farkas, Left Coast Land Clearing

John & Juliana Feriani, Feriani Construction

John T. Geach, Tax Specialist

Mike Lemke, Lemke Homes

James P. Maddox, Retired CA Fish & Game Biologist

Teri Murrison, Former Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors

Steve & Shelly Njirich, Njirich & Sons, Inc.

Terry Northcutt, Timberline Environmental Services

Richard (Dick) Nutting, Former Tuolumne County Sheriff

Peter Rei, Tuolumne County Planning Commissioner

Brandon Russell, 4thdmc Graphics & Web Design

Dick Todd, Todd Land Surveying

Tuolumne County Building Industry Association

Tuolumne County Republican Central Committee

Ulysses Verceles, Verceles Construction

Citizen Endorsements:

Terri Arington

Esteban (Steve) J. Arreguin

Nancy Ayala

Beetle Barbour

Bill Barnes

Carolyn Barnes

Kayla Barnes

Dale Beyersdorf

Deborah Beyersdorf

Carol Ann Bisnett

Robert J. Bisnett

Benson Bryant

Edward L. Boddington

Bill Burnes

Glenn Caldwell

Jeannine Caldwell

A.B. “Skip” Conley

Chris Conrad

JoAn Conrad

Jim Costello

Pam Costello

David C. Courtney

Gloria K. Courtney

Jack Cox

Marianne Cox

Sue Crabtree

Paula Crauthers

Margaret Czadzek

Margaret Davis

Stephen Dietrich, Jr.

Dana Ditmore

Guy Emery

Ron Erickson

Fred and Sarajo Esch

Tyler Ferro

Melinda Fleming

Ken Fleming

Charlotte Frazier

Donald Frazier

Darlene A. Geach

Elzie Gerrels

Esther Gerrels

Glenn Gottschall

Nancy Gottschall

Jim Grinnell

Krishna Hamilton

Ron Hamilton

Tammy Hammond

Gloria Hanvelt

Randall E. Harris

Judy and Roger Haughton

Carey and Jim Haughy

Mary Henson

Amber Hess

Yvonne Hilton

Barbara Holton

Bob Holton

Gale D. Hoover

Larry Jackson

Richard Jacobs

Gerald Jensen

Mark A. Kerzich

Ron Kopf

Bert Kronnick

JessAnne Lack

Linda Lakamp

Laurel L. Leslie

Jim Lewis

Nancy Lewis

Richard H. Liljedahl

John C. Luckie

Betsy Main

Dewey Main

Mark Maxwell

Stephanie Maxwell

Lisa Mayo

Donna M. Mehl

Sharon Mele

John and Pamela Mendiola

David Miller

Linda Miller

Roger Milligan

Vickie Milligan

Dick Mitchell

Hazel Mitchell

Glen Moore

Lynda Morlan

Deborah Moss

Donna Nattkemper

Gary Neubert

Ed Nissen

Leetta Nutting

Val Ogletree

Amy Olenchalk

Michael Olenchalk

Michael Orteiza

Kim A. Orteiza

Carleton Penwell

Tiffany Phillips

Audrey Pland

Dick Pland

Jeff Redoutey

Sheila Redoutey

Cassandra Roberts

Jo Rodefer

Trish Russell

Michael T. Ryan

Bob Rucker

Micki Rucker

Juliann Schader

Nickolas Schader

Becky Selbee

Kimberly Sharpe

Tom Sharpe

Robert Sherry

Dave Slicton

Michael Smith

Terri Stinson

Dave Thoeny

Carl S Tucker

Charlotte Tucker

 Glen Vincent

Ellyn Walter

Jeanne Wheeler

Sam Wheeler

Ty Wivell

Kimberly Bohn Wood

Charles Wynn

David Wynne


Endorsement Videos:


Jim Mele endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Laura Krieg endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Karl Rodefer endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Jeff Redouty endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Mike Albrecht endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Dave Thoeny endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Elzie Gerrels endorses Mr. Hanvelt


Larry Crabtree endorses Mr. Hanvelt



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